The Manitoba Association of Parliamentarians is a volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is to encourage the study and use of parliamentary procedure.  Learning these procedures will help you to improve  your meetings, and M-A-P is here to help!

A parliamentarian is one who is knowledgeable about parliamentary procedure and the rules of order . Once these rules are adopted, this becomes the group’s parliamentary authority.

Our parliamentary authority is the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR).*  It is the parliamentary authority that we recommend for all groups.

*”RONR” is the standard abbreviation parliamentarians use to cite Henry M. Robert III and others, Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th ed. (Da Capo Press, 2011).

What are our goals and objectives?
Mentor our members so they learn more about Robert’s Rules;
Coach members so they can improve their own presiding skills;
Facilitate monthly study groups for members and guests;
Assist our members to acquire their parliamentary credentials;
Organize public workshops in November and April each year;
Help people locate technical resources on meeting procedures;
Provide details concerning any training conferences offered by the National Association of Parliamentarians .

MAP membership has many benefits (Annual dues: $25.00)
To join  MAP, please complete this mail-in Membership Form.
Are you interested in becoming a credentialed member?
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