Better Meeting Management

BMM is an e-workshop hosted by MAP.  Its goal is to simplify the meeting procedures in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.  Anyone who is interested in learning new strategies on holding more productive meetings should attend. Everyone is welcome!

The next meeting of BMM will present:
Date: TBA-on a Thursday at 7:00 PM Central

**Upcoming BMM workshops **
**To be announced!

Past BMM workshops:
The importance of using proper Robert’s Lingo!
The Art of Presiding (Parts 1, 2 , 3 )
Highlights on the importance of understanding your bylaws 
Planning a Meetings-What you need to know BEFORE your meeting.
ParlQuest Tutorial- Overview of this study tool (designed for RP exam)
Agendas & Scripts-The importance of using these 2 meeting tools
MinutesWhat needs to go into the Minutes
**For further information, please contact D. Kelley at:

How to have better meetings